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Prayer for World Peace Oh sweet and holy Jesus, you are the King of Kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of peace.

Female by birth, Woman by age, Lady by choice. - nepal: Hindu Goddess Durga. | via Tumblr

Hindu: Goddess Durga, Ma Durga is the embodiment of the divine energy and the creative power. Mother Durga has nine forms/dimensions. Navratra (The nine holy nights) is dedicated to the worship of Her.

Lord krishna

K stands for Krishna. Lord Krishna: "While many Vaishnava groups recognize him as an avatar of Lord Vishnu; some traditions within Krishnaism, consider Krishna to be Svayam Bhagavan, or the Supreme Being.

RADHA KRISHNA                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

RADHA KRISHNA made sure Kali Demon was a myth, never to exist again or coul dnever have children or was just a drawing for something. No Kali Demon, No Kali Goddess ever!

Skeleton fighting for the right to control the gate to the castle, in an annual warrior ceremony celebrating their king.