Cabin Vindheim by VARDEHAUGEN /

Cabin Vindheim is inspired by the classic motif of a snowbound cabin with only the roof protruding through the snow. Cabin Vindheim is situated deep into the forest, in the alpine landscape close to Lillehammer / Norway. Architectural concept: O

architectural model

nexttoparchitects: “Tohoku University of Art and Design Yamagata, Japan 📷: ”

model architecture | Tumblr

The story of a sectional model can be full of chapters - model architecture

The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz

the 387 houses of peter fritz – insurance clerk from vienna – selection of model buildings curated by oliver croy & oliver elser – 2013 venice biennale.

Live-Make Industrial Arts Center, Cincinnati by Nicholas DeBruyne, via Behance

Live-Make Industrial Arts Center, Cincinnati - Nicholas DeBruyne

laser cut. architecture model  tree

CNC wood Router model - The wood model presenting the pre design phase for a villa project

Project : Katjapiring House Image 1 Location : Bandung, Indonesia Site Area : 670 m2 Building Area : 550 m2 Design Phase : 2009 Construction Phase : 2009 - 2011 #architectindonesia #architecture #archdaily

Love the mix pavers for the driveway.


grey and white model


grey and white model

Ted'A arquitectes-Genthod-24-300ppp

Ted'A arquitectes-Genthod-24-300ppp


Folded roofs with skylights model architecture : Photo

平田晃久 屋根 - Google 検索

平田晃久 屋根 - Google 検索

Architectural Model - Urban satellite by Alexander Daxböck

Architectural Model - Urban satellite by Alexander Daxböck:


Model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Herbert Jacobs House Madison, Wisc., exploded model developed by Situ Studio, Brooklyn for Guggenheim Museum Exhibition - Architectural model