Leopard Stole via Louis Vuitton   $875.00

Leopard Stole Expect to attract attention with the Leopard Stole. This exhilarating interpretation of Stephen Sprouse’s design boasts a gorgeous mix of cashmere and silk, creating an item that hangs effortlessly.

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22 Secrets Girls Who Wear Hijabs Will Never Tell You

But despite owning millions of them, we repeat our favourite five all the time.

The Heart Face Shape:  If you have a heart face shape, avoid wearing tight hijabs , especially on the forehead. Instead keep it draped in a loose effect by creating gentle folds, especially on that area.

The hijab has been an integral part of a Muslim woman’s clothing from the ancient times. The attire of the Muslim women wearing hijab reflects smartness and modesty.

S T Y L I S H . M: Styling Your Hijab To Suit Your Face Shape

Muslimah: Styling Your Hijab To Suit Your Face Shape