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9 Pin42 Pengikut is the Premium Tea Store Online dedicated to facilitate a true tea enthusiasts to find, choose and taste the tea, and to get the benefit of tea drinking. We will gradually provide various kinds of white tea, green tea,oolong tea and black tea as well as non-tea products (herbal infusion). We also will provide equipment for tea (tea ware) for your tea time more enjoyable.

Green tea contains antioxidant that prevent our body from harmful free radicals. Free radicals are linked to many signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots and to many certain disease, even cancers. Green tea helps you to manage weight loss by increasing metabolism, burning fat and blocking dietary fat absorption. Green tea is good for the heart in several ways. It reduces blood concentration of tryglycerides and reduces cholesterol after 1 month of regular drinking.


Jakarta Governor elected popularity Joko Widodo (Jokowi) are on the rise to the idea for manufacturers to produce tea style tea Jokowi. "Teh Solo" which launched at the event of Solo International Tea Festival (SITF) on October 12 plaid and pictorial caricature of Jokowi.


Teh Bunga Krisan atau Chrysanthemum Tea memiliki rasa manis dan aroma wangi bunga. Teh bunga krisan dikenal dalam pengobatan China untuk mencegah dan mengobati sakit tenggorokan. Seduhan bunga krisan ini juga dapat membantu menurunkan demam, melindungi liver dan menetraliir racun dalam tubuh. Teh ini juga dipercaya dapat membantu menyembuhkan flu dan mencegah jerawat. Asal Produk: Anhui, China


Chrysanthemum tea asal Anhui China tersedia di

Banten Oolong Tea is a high quality organic oolong tea which made 100% from the best tea leaves varieties of Cammelia Sinensis without preservatives. Picked carefully from a green tea farm located in the area of Halimun mountains near to Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park (TNGHS), where the fresh clean air and mild climate giving the best condition for high quality green tea to grow, the tea farm are maintained organically.

Our organic red tea is made from fully oxidized leaves and reportedly contains the high concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols

Brewing "Teh Solo" (Sweet javanese jasmine tea) in a traditional clay pot

Heavenly teas for great times - special limited blends. The champagne of tea Darjeeling Second Flush blended with Java Gouden Bloemrijke Oranje Pekoe, rich color of dark champagne and sweet candy after taste.

Jasmine tea is one of strong tea culture in Indonesia, specially in Central & East Java. "Teh Keraton" is made from high quality tea (super pekoe grade of green tea).