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Päätyyn luku-/ulkopukemisnurkkaus portaiden alle, jos kaapit loppuvat jo aiemmin?

This is a perfect combo of my two favorite ideas for that space under the stairs leading to the basement. A reading nook AND book storage and shelves . assuming that there is enough space for this there.

I can't even xD

Funny pictures about Guys with fancy lady hair. Oh, and cool pics about Guys with fancy lady hair. Also, Guys with fancy lady hair.


Stephen Colbert on the complexity of One Direction's lyrics of 'What makes you beautiful'. Self confidence is what makes you beautiful, not make-up or a pretty dress.

Friends, and best friends.

I will junk punch him right up in his man business. And when he asks, "Why?", I'll say, "You know why! My friend Kathy sent me this because I've been known to yell at her ex's. Hey--what are friends for?