Miri-chaaaaaaannn by frozenwilderness.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Lena Carter- Roman daughter of Mars- She loves animals and would like a family that was lots of them. Her favorite is a bear cub- Adopted

i'm so happy to be a muslim girl » MFB - Muslim - Islamic - facebook

Amazingly Lovely Hijabi Girl: Glittering Tiara Enhances her Queenly Beauty

The kitty-cutie one

My Elise need love~~~~~~ //shot well this is my OC Elise *dead brain,its already Art © kittycatstudio character © kittycatstudio Character.

WTF Disney Bread Recipe - Rapunzel Plait Bread

If you want to do one, I would like the flower cascade to be heavily inspired by Rapunzel's braid in Tangled. Maybe even include the braid itself!