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Magic Mirror | another Raspberry Pi project -- I want one of these too!

Building "the Magic Mirror" with a raspberry pi! Read the full story: Part I - The Idea- The Mirror Part II - The Monitor Part III - The Casing Part IV - Install The Hardware Part V - Installing the Raspberry Pi Part VI - Production of the Interface

Economy: There are many big exports in China. The biggest export are electrical and other machinery. One big thing are integrated circuits which is a small electronic device. This picture is an integrated electronic device.

A Robot That Balances on a Ball - YouTube

A Robot That Balances on a Ball - The robot they built rides on a rubber-coated bowling ball, which is driven by three omnidirectional wheels. The robot can not only stand still but also move in any direction and pivot around its vertical axis. It can wor

Believe it or not, Mike Alcantara creates his incredible Comic Collage Art series using little more than old comic books and glue. His upcycled art is assembled from comic book clippings and carefully arranged to feature Marvel and DC Comics characters.