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Thank you for finally saying it

No, Katniss is the official Mockingjay, Rue inspired the revolution, but Prim started it. If Prim hadn't gotten picked Katniss wouldn't have volunteered then she wouldnt have met Rue who sparked the Mockingjay.

Quiz: What Should You Read Next? Answers: 1. Something like normal 2. Enders game, the maze runner 3. Perks of being a wallflower 4. Harry Potter 5. The syndicate 6. The Lux series 7. Mortal instruments 8. Of Poseidon 9. Immortal rules 10. Sloppy firsts 11. Shadow and bones 12. My life next door 13. Ten

Something Like Normal Enders Game, The Maze Runner Perks Of Being A Wallflower Harry Potter The Syndicate The Lux Series Mortal instruments Of Poseidon Immortal Rules Sloppy Firsts Shadow & Bones My Life Next Door Ten