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How to make a 70s Kawasaki Z1000 even faster (and handle like a sportbike too). This beauty is running a heavily upgraded engine, a strengthened frame, and Ducati suspension.

Kawasaki muscle updated with modern components like Ducati monster front suspension and swingarm. Engine punched out to Very well done and absolutely beautiful. Muscle: Santiago’s Kawasaki cafe racer via BikeExif

Cozy Small Apartment...i would honestly love this

The Chic Technique: Elegant lofted bedroom suite - Villa Machiavelli, Tuscany, Italy. This is a dream-come-true loft for a tiny home. And check out the gorgeous lighting, too!

Guest house

My Favorite Stairs for Cabin/Tiny House-- Olympia Eld Inlet Cabin Remodel and Studio Addition - transitional - Living Room - Other Metro - Kristina Clark Architect AIA

DC Motor Types - Brushed, Brushless and DC Servo Motor #STEM #MAKE #Electronics

Here is DC Motor working principle; types of DC Motor - Brushed, Brushless, DC Servo Motor; DC Motor driving using H bridge and motor drivers, etc.