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graphics logo design

Simple, professional, and it has a splash of color. This could be used as a logo over a wide range of different kinds of businesses. It almost kind of represents an abstract eye, in a way.

Apple Logo, Golden Ratio

The Apple logo is based on the Fibonacci series. Designed by Paul Rand.Paul is an American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs,.

15) I love this logo and how it is an air balloon for the air and then makes out a pencil and called airtsitc.

The logo relates the two purposes of the product or company. The logo uses a pencil for the artistic part and combines and air balloon for the 'air' in "Airtistic".

Interesting Logo: I like this logo because it is very simple yet looks appealing and is representative of the topic

Ed's Electric designed by Siah-Design This is brilliant use of negative space and conceptual idea. You see the E right away, and also the electric plug and socket are clear. Very clever logo!