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beautiful pink flower

It seems both are the happiest creature in the world. Silent Beauty by `gilad

41 Spectacular Places Around the World

In St Croix Lake, Les Gorges du Verdon, Provence, France. The Gorge du Verdon is an amazing drive in western Provence. We didn't get to go on the water, but look up Castillon as the main entry point.

Tulip - Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Bicolored red and yellow tulips - Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands. We actually visited Keukenhof Gardens way back in after acre of beautiful flowers!


Color pallet palette inspiration garden river water boat canoe kayak tree garden yellow flowers green reflection brown boat Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands


(Yew Tree Tunnel, Netherlands) This reminds me of the fairy trails from fairy tails I read as a kid. I always thought that maybe secret trails would appear out of the brush to led a curious wanderer to a hidden world with magic.