Moda e Dicas de Costura: TÚNICA FÁCIL DE FAZER

Graceful over tunic with contrast hem band that matches flowing trousers. [MOD@ EN LINE

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Bridal Hijab with Flowery Head Crown Ideas for Muslim Wedding - Girls Hijab Style & Hijab Fashion Ideas

niqab    this reminds me a japanese kimono---with the lovely details of ornament designs......stunning. Sometimes it's about the luxury textiles, art as well as's not cheap more materials it's costly piece the detail and design too exquisite vision.

(Extra) This is a picture of a Muslim women in the Middle East wearing the traditional nigab. This is Muslim clothing, they also have to cover there body not just there heads.

Long Basic Deep Red Dress + Charcoal Soft Georgette Hijab  | INAYAH

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Moldes Moda por Medida: TRANSFORMAÇÃO DE SAIA-20

Saia evasê curta com o passo a passo da transformação do molde base

Portuguese instructions and need to lengthen the skirt, but yeah, I am sure this is doable.

Minimal Exposure.Maximum Style: INAYAH | New Collections - Spirit and Dignified

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Hijabista | Hashtag Hijab | Click for outfit details! |

The image is of a women wearing a black hijab, exactly what Laila was said to be wearing in the story. "She was wearing a black hijab.