• DANGEROUS DRUG INTERACTIONS TO AVOID • 1) tylenol antibiotics. 2) aspirin diabetes medications. 3) benadryl sleeping aids. 4) antidepressants st. john’s wort. 5) blood pressure medication licorice. 6) statins grapefruit juice. 7) birth control pills antibiotics. 8) asthma medications coffee. 9) anticoagulants vitamin k.

Dangerous drug interactions - pinning for the tip about birth control. If taking antibiotics, the effects of birth control might be reduced, so use an additional method while on antibiotics.

Perfect for the pharmacy white elephant party! Doctor it Up Highlighter Set. When your writing needs some TLC, reach for these adorable pill-shaped highlighters and scrawl your prescription of changes in the margin!

Telescopic pens shaped like pills!

Pens Telescopic Stationery Smiling Favor Face Shape Pill Ball Point 3 pcs in Collectibles, Pens & Writing Instruments, Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Other Collectible Ballpoint

Pharmacist Gift Set Felt Badge Reels Cute Retractable Badge Holders Pharmacy Technician Gifts by BadgeBlooms on Etsy

Pharmacist Gift Set - Felt Badge Reels - Cute Retractable ID Badge Clips - Medical Feltie Badge Holders - Pharmacy Tech Gifts - BadgeBlooms

one of these days when i have tons of money...Chanel Pill Bracelet. Pharmacist accessories.

Chanel Pill Bracelet- As a pharmacist-to-be and a lover of jewelry, I'm pretty sure I will need this at some point.

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