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an old crow sign sitting on top of a shelf
an old wooden box hanging on a wall with a hook in the middle that has rusted paint
Antique Wood Wall Box,Original Paint,Primitives,Patina,
"19th-century antique wooden wall box with excellent brown dry paint and a beautiful patina; it has square nails for construction. The early box would be perfect wall decor or display on a counter, it measures 11\" L x 5\" D x 4 3/4\" H at the back and the sides are 3 1/4\" H and in good vintage condition with normal surface wear and loss of paint in areas. Please message me with any questions, and thank you for viewing my listing."
an old fashioned christmas display in a shop
a rooster figurine sitting on top of a table next to a vase filled with berries
Rocky Mountain Wax Works | Handcrafted Holiday Ornaments and Decor