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I was planning to do some trial. That's why the presentation is so bad. Yet the taste is surprisingly amazing! :p
Indonesian authentic healthy food: Gado Gado. Veggie+ peanut butter and rice cake + fish cracker.
Nasi goreng Sosis. Fried Rice with Sausage.
Gelato! @ Artemy Italian Jogja
Indonesian Cuisine: Soto Ayam. (Chicken Soup with Rice, Chicken slices and veggie served with fried Tempeh)
Bibimbap Bulgogi @ Michigo Jogja
Dark chocolate pancake by me!
Chocolate creamy mousse. By me! So easy, so good ~~♡
I took a lot of pic of these. :p
Too much lemon causing the taste feels so unique. Sour and sweet! #proud

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Ice Creams!!
Waroeng steak Jogja. Murah meriah enak!
Oreo Chesse CupCake by me! So Gooood!
This is my routine now. Go away pimples!
Bon appetito!
Plain Pancake with Honey. And a milk tea. Yummm....
Caesar Salad by myself!
Egg Benedict a la Monolog. And The Beetles Juice. Happy tummy!!
Banana Pancake by myself!
Overnight Oatmeal, banana, and Snake Fruit.