Global mobile commerce stats [infographic] - Australia and Brazil are the leading countries for percentage of mobile traffic to retailers, 47% and 40% respectively, compared to 31% for the US and UK.    The data, taken from 200m visits to Mobify-powered websites, gives a picture of mobile commerce trends around the world.

Mobify Global Mobile Commerce Infographic: Shoppers' Habits Around the World. of all traffic to US e-commerce sites already comes from smartphones and tablets.

Infographic: Rise Of Social Media In The Brazil, Russia, India, China Markets

Here is an infographic of detailed social media findings that portrays the Rise of Social Media in BRIC Countries. BRIC is an acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Olympic Futures: Brazil Infographic

Olympic Futures: Brazil Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Sports category. Check out Olympic Futures: Brazil now!

boom of digital media in indonesia (nov-11). article alos links to similar data available for korea, china, japan and singapore

Indonesia To Become A Leading Nation For Tech Start-ups? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic of Indonesia's Internet and Social Media Increases and digital boom.

The Biggest Brands on Social Media in Southeast Asia [INFOGRAPHIC]: Here’s a great infographic showing the biggest brands in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines on four important platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & ...

The Biggest Brands on Social Media in Southeast Asia [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google+ in Indonesia #infographics #digital #marketing

Google+ in Indonesia #infographics #digital #marketing

Social Stats for Indonesia 2011

A Portrait of Indonesia’s Very Young, Social, Mobile Web Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Indonesia’s web users are remarkable in that they tend to be very young, social, and mobile. More than half are younger than Here are more stats for

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