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Mai 15: Jetzt weiß ich es: zu viel Verantwortung für Dich. Du kannst keine Verantwortung übernehmen. Nicht mal für Dich selber.

He promised. He promised me he wouldn't break my heart and he would heal us. And the crazy part is that the damage that he did was absolutely NOTHING compared to how badly he broke me this time.

oh, but the HOPE of having a future with you is the MOST UPLIFTING feeling I know... FeY

If you read some of the first ones I've saved they are all halt and stuff and here I am now with, like, depressing quotes

For me right now. We loved each other then he broke it but I still want him. I still worry about him :/

We loved each other then we broke it. Somedays it feels like I still want him, and I cant imagine why. I still worry about him and know that this is a pain I will have to continue to hold inside forever and ever.

while you are out, I sit here thinking about you.  Worried, wondering, missing you, you just keep going.  Not even a thought of me.  I always fought for you.  Why did you want me in your life if you were going to kick me out.

Quotes about Missing : Ça fait mal de savoir que tu ne me regarderas jamais comme je te regarde…

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