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Balance Your Blades: 3 Corrective Shoulder Exercises

Balance Your Blades: 3 Corrective Shoulder Exercises (great for those with posture or shoulder problems, those who sit at a computer all day, etc). Must do these ASAP! Pitchers too

This is an article about the root cause of tooth decay and my journey to properly heal and remineralize cavities that had made their way into my mouth!

Your Nutrition has a lot to do with Cavities // try fermented cod liver oil w/ a dash of raw honey, vitamin rich butter oil instead of butter / gelatin / and oil pulling with coconut oil via The Paleo Mama

I Gave Up Popping My Pimples for a Week - Before and After Photos

This editor wanted to break her bad habit and better her skin, so she embarked on a weeklong experiment to stop popping and picking once and for all. Click through to see her amazing skin transformation.

Brazilian Cheese Bread

If you happen to know any Brazilians leaving abroad, ask them to name the five foods that they miss the most. I’m willing to bet that “pao de queijo” (little cheese bread) makes t…