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a squirrel with its mouth open and the words good morning my fellow nut jobs have a great day
the woodland animal system is shown in this drawing
Bay Nature Magazine: Squirrel Calls and the Woodland Alarm System
How Do You Tell California Squirrels Apart? - Bay Nature Magazine
a squirrel standing on top of a tree trunk in the woods with text overlay reading 6 incredible acts about squirrels
6 Incredible Facts About Squirrels
Did you know squirrel's ankles rotate 180 degrees? That they eat their body weight in food each week? That they have different alarm calls for terrestrial and aerial predators? That they cache their food based on type? That they engage in tactical deception? In this post, I overview some basic facts about squirrels. I cover their lifespan, diet, memory, acrobatics, vocalizations, and deceitful behaviour.
a cartoon dog is running through the grass with other dogs in the background and a tree that says, dogs are stinky penn they smell smell them
Free Range by Bill Whitehead for August 07, 2020 | GoComics.com
a person's hand holding a small animal with the words character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you
God is in Control
God is in Control