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Rainbow Cosmos

Aurora Borealis and Star trail. It's crazy how when you place a camera pointing twords the sky,then slow it down and it makes a complete circle. Is the earth round or flat?

Orion Nebula Image credit & copyright: László Francsics

ᙢᏋяⱴᏋįℓℓɛųᎦɛ Ꮳяєαɬįσи (Orion Nebula by László Francsics)

Sunset colours ~and cool reflection !! حمرة غروب الشمس مع انعكاس مذهل !!

Footbridge, mountains in the background, red autumn leaves floating toward the camera in the lake as the sunset streams light through wintry barren trees to reflect the island onto the water

Great tree, love the colors. Somos igual que un árbol, excepto que nosotros no tan seguido.

Cherry Tree, Kyoto, Japan The cherry blossoms are the most beautiful tree flowers in the entire world, according to me. They completely drench the tree in a soft pink, and I've never seen something more gorgeous.