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Baju Raya 2016 ~ Kebaya, Peplum, Kimono Style Blouse Ideas / grey-organza-kimono-wrap

Baju Raya 2016 ~ Kebaya, Peplum, Kimono Style Blouse Ideas

Raya trend spotting gets exciting as loads of cool baju raya ideas are proliferating left and right. Find elegant blouse ideas to wear for Raya 2016 festivities

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The Ultimate Clothing Style Guide. Learn about the words, descriptions and ideas about fashion and how to describe the clothing items you need.

Creme colored silk blouse & pearls to top this would be gorgeous.  Love this skirt.  Love the style and the color.

IDEA - Draped skirt - looks like normal skirt with hem pulled up and gathered, then secured with a loop

Gorgeous modest skirts that'd work for many women-- tzniut, Apostolic, Mormon or Muslim from

Alana Cotton Maxi Skirt

Cool full skirt collection- I'll peruse it more fully when I'm on my computer