Yes yes yes yes! Lmao XD i died when I saw that one

Lmao XD i died when I saw that one<< I already pinned this,,but look at the ladies face she's like "omg.

Hahahahahha Mark and Jackson of #Got7

Markson here, Jackson don't want mark to be punished but he don't want the punishment either so he's gonna have to let him be nice

Got7 and Bangtan hahaha XD the last one

and Bangtan- don't really know BTS really well yet, but I plan on it. At the moment Rap Monster is my fave. I have a feeling he's a different kind of trouble maker than Jackson.

When Mom wants to take a family photo... (JB and Jackson really giving it their all though XD)

When Mom wants to take a family photo

When Mama Jinyoung wants to take a family photo.and kids are too hyper with their life


loving the style oppa! (he can do a spilt much respect e arned oppa even though im trash for u

The King Of Idiots xD The winner !!! xD

Except Mark looks pretty normal. With his hands in his pocket and all that hotness


So true, the excitement lives within you forever, the fire never burns out.

THIS IS SOOO CUTE!! - Jackson {GOT7} & Rap Monster, J-Hope & V

Okay but Rap Monster looks like my fucking dad and that is not okay. Like any of this is okay but less okay than all the rest of this malarkey.


Difference between American dramas and K-dramas