haha Sunggyu ^-^ thats our fearless leader 'inspirits'(fandom name) lol

English Battle: Sungyeol vs. Hoya | allkpop Meme Center

Its annoying how the only use American word instead of standard english and talk about American schooling

omo.. this two dino's brother are so adorable.. oppa saranghae.. :)

The dinosaur brothers Infinite Dongwoo and Shinee Jonghyun haha lol. At first I really thought they looked alike too

And then there's sungjong........can't stop laughing.  Hoya is the only one that looks happy lol

And then there's Sungjong~~ hahahaha XD L's face is soo funny Woohyun oppa looks sexy in that hair color

Must use L's face as incentive to get what you want - Kim Sunggyu style. xD

"How to properly blackmail your manager into buying you a watermelon" - A demonstration be Sunggyu and Myungsoo

L blackmail for watermelon, would work on me. This was one of my favorite scenes from sesame player.

Lmao! Hoya is honored to be mistaken for L! xD | allkpop Meme Center

Lmao! Hoya is honored to be mistaken for L! xD

Hoya is honored to be mistaken for L! For those who don't understand, L is the visual of Infinite. So literally he's calling Hoya handsome


My favorite part of this whole episode was Hoya trying to get on their team and get in the car. He was so adorable.

This is me XD

dongwoo hoya, hoya face is like, my dongwoo, why he keep texting, who is it. I must see :))