Indonesian President Sukarno & President Kennedy on the North Portico of the White House - April 1961

Indonesian President Sukarno, Caroline Kennedy & President Kennedy on the North Portico of the White House, April 1961

Rare Historical Pictures. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy and President Soekarno - Circa 1960s

You Have Never Seen Indonesia Like This Before - 30 Rare Historical Pictures

Rare photo of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy and unidentified political figure _ circa 1960

The New Nation of Indonesia | LIFE Magazine February 13, 1950 | In this issue there are 14 pages of pictures by Henri Cartier-Bresson about Indonesia

The New Nation of Indonesia february 13 1950 Life Magazine Henri Cartier-Bresson Magnum Photography

Mahatma Gandhi with Indira

Indira Gandhi Childhood Photo: Rare photo showing a future prime Minister with Mahatma Ghandi.

Marilyn Monroe and President Sukarno of Indonesia -- look at that bra she must be wearing....

Former Indonesian President Sukarno is shown chatting with actress Marilyn…

AH Nasution - Bung Karno - Pak Harto

AH Nasution - Bung Karno - suharto

Sukarno - Nixon

Sukarno - Nixon

japanese concentration camps in java - Google zoeken pictures of the japanese internment camps

This photo of the open area surrounded by the jail cells was taken 5 weeks after the end of the War but before the arrival of British Troops to secure the Camp. Banjoebiroe 10 had turned into a voluntary prison with every family fending for itself.