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Interesting Office Cubicle Decoration Comes with the Simple Design : Interesting Office Cubicle Decoration Comes With The Simple Design Wooden Desk #office #decor #organization #workplace

Our article on 12 Workspace Inspiration for a Goddess was a great hit. So much so that we received feedback to do a similar edition dedicated to office cubicles. So we listened and went on a sear…


This type of doodle could be done with a stencil when you first begin doodling to help get some great shapes onto your paper, then doodle/zentangle into flower petals or just colour. Or zentangle in colour

Chalkboard Wall Calendar from Martha Stewart

Chalkboard crafts ideas for kids and adults. Best craft projects made using chalkboard paint. DIY chalkboard craft ideas using paper, fabric. Use chalkboard paint on pumpkins, vases, picture frames,

DIY cable organizer 'bread clips'

I think most people have seen the "use a bread clip as a cord label" tip. Here's how to make your own Bread Clips because not every loaf comes with a clip.Such a simple idea! And, you can customize the size for thicker cords.

Create a cork bulletin board from kitchen trivets

IKEA Hack- ikea’s heat cork trivets, glued to a sheet of tempered hardboard. add a trim and some paint to complete the project.

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