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Eren, Levi, chained, yaoi, EreRi, RiRen; Attack on Titan

Riren - Ereri - Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi Ackerman - Eren Jaeger - AU

Eren Jeäger (Jaeger) ~ SnK | AoT>>>is that..... Levi across his collar bone

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(99+) Tumblr

Mystic Messenger fanfics, fanart, and other content. Sometimes the unofficial Mystic Messenger Help Desk. I tag all of my spoilers with "Mystic Messenger spoilers" and then the route the spoilers are.

Cerithe | Artelier

I made some rough sketches for a new collection of my MysMe ∼Baby Sheep∼ Charms!