Tea story)

Bathing Celeb Tea Bags - The Sex, Tea and Rock & Roll Set Brings On the Party Mood

Tea table

49 Tremendous Teacups - From Attitude-Filled Tea Sets to Anatomical Kitchen Accessories (CLUSTER)

Tea story)

I think that these tea bags are very quirky as the are faces of some of the royal family. As the queen is known for drinking tea its a good idea having her and her family on the tea bag. I chose these because I found them funny and a great idea.

Tea death

Trevor Jackson - Skull Teapot in Flowers I love all things skulls.

Tea mouth

Lost At E Minor said "The mouth tea set and vase set by designer Danielle Spector look like they belong in the Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange". I just think they look really porny if you have a dir.

Air teapot

Fake Inflatable Teapots - What looks like a plastic, inflatable teapot is in reality a fun pot made of glazed porcelain.

Tea Tanic

tanic tea bag holder is a beautiful design to honor the great ship Titanic and everyone who sailed in this ship. This stainless steel tea bag holder fits

Tea evils

unique teapot designs - These unique teapot designs are proof that creatives can turn everyday items that we take for granted into marvelous additions to our kitchen'.