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Eriza Nakamura

Eriza Nakamura
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How to Date an ENFP | PairedLife

The ENFP needs affection, creativity, open-mindedness, and deep love of connection.

INFJ Dating Bible or: How to Date an INFJ – The Sacred in the Secular

Not into people using religious-related words in non-religious contexts, but I feel like this is a nice list for INFJs not to give to their SO, but for insight to understand what their SO might not automatically understand

Very funny :)

Yup I'm INTJ, anime girl, I willd die alone, but I'm bloodthirstyso don't annoy me

Classic INFJ Traits

My greatest challenge in conversation is not leaping all over the place with what someone has said because I am mentally making so many connections as I listen. classic Traits or Trates lol ;