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Low Poly art is becoming quite popular lately, it's a great polygon effect that being used as a relative term to this new art. I've came across by Jona Dinges's work and I found that his low poly art is beautifully detailed.

N Seoul Tower

On October 1980 began to ordinary visitors nan shan tower observatory is to enjoy the night view of Seoul famous tourist attractions, known as the symbol of Seoul.Nan shan tower of the formal n.

The frontend guide to life, universe and everything

for vibe Colorful long scrolling One Pager for 'The frontend guide to life, universe and everything' event to be held in Bologna, Italy. Did you know we have a tag for One Pagers with an Ascii Signature (like they do).

Portfolio v3 by Kálmán Magyari

Here is a vibrant portfolio website template that Kálmán Magyari has designed playing with blend modes and colors resulting in this awesome resource.