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Eyes 2 for you by Madam-NatasStock

Here is my second set of eyes. First set and description [link] And here are the stock rules. [link] You can see them in action on my art account Eyes 2 for you

Making wooden tool tutorial by sculptor101

Making your own tools No offensive if you buy any simple or fancy tool sets from the stores. Perhaps it sounded like a big deal when I said the best scu. Making wooden tool tutorial

Figurine WIP/ tutorial part 3 wings by sculptor101

Making figurine wings tutorial Here comes the WIP tutorial of wings for figurine, you may need to find good reference of bird wings, close up shoots of . Figurine WIP/ tutorial part 3 wings

Making a figurine hand tutorial part I by sculptor101

How to make figurine hairs tutorial As frequent requests of many friends here, I make this simple tutorial of how to make figurine hairs. Making figurine hairs tutorial part 1