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Rule of Thirds - A technique of composition in which a medium is divided into thirds, creating aesthetic positions for the primary elements of design.

this an an example of rule of thirds because the focus is on the flowers and 1/3 of it is the sky The hot spot in this photo would be the flower where the two lines intersect each other

Example: rule of thirds: 2 point perspective [context] + visual weight [balance] both in direction and value

the rule of thirds on the beach by Gina Yeo

Composition should be considered and used purposefully in order to enhance an image. The Rule of Thirds (ROT) is one of the more well known and utilized tools a photographer has at his& disposal as a means to enhance composition within a photograph.

What is the Rule of Thirds in Photography?

composition: rule of thirds: i love this because the shell off to the side makes the picture very interesting and eye appealing

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This photo demonstrates the rule of thirds, when the image is cut into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Forms are then placed on the intersections, creating an interesting and balanced image.