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40 Ways to Stay Creative - Infographic - Layerform Design Magazine

40 Ways to Stay Creative (2020 UPDATED) - Layerform Design Co presents a list of 40 ways to stay creative in the form of an infographic which everyone can use to maintain their creativity

The psychology of color means different colors have different effects on people. This makes color a vital factor in your branding. Learn to optimize it!

Business Colors: Here's How To Choose The Best for YOU

Trying to pick your best business colors? Learn about color psychology for branding and marketing with the tips on our 9 infographics. Brand your business!

seven summits. by audree lapierre of ffunction.

Infographic of the Day: The World’s Most Imposing Mountain Peaks

The tallest mountains aren’t necessarily the most impressive when climbed.

Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics by Martin Oberhäuser, via Behance

Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics

Series of info graphics for brockhaus (a big encyclopedia publisher from germany). The info graphics visualize several statistics and informations of topics like: the worlds highest mountains and their first ascent, the languages of the world, comets clos…

Cycle 1 Week 15: Who's the daddy? Tallest mountains in the world with scale of largest human objects and cloud heights in comparison.

Who's the daddy?

An infographic about the tallest mountains in the world - and the scale of the largest human objects in comparison. Note that the mountains would actually be a lot broader! This amazing photo gives you an idea of the scales involved: Learnt something new: These are the TALLEST mountains. However, if you want to talk about the HIGHEST mountains, then you have to include those under the oceans - and they are much higher than our land…

[INFOGRAPHIC] Perbedaan Maling, Copet, Rampok, & Jambret - via

[INFOGRAPHIC] Perbedaan Maling, Copet, Rampok, & Jambret

Apa beda antara maling, rampok, copet, dan jambret? Loh emang beda? Ya bedalah. Makanya liat infografis ini dong.

Pelajaran Sekolah. Bahasa Indonesia.

[Infographic] Pelajaran Sekolah

Ini dia infografis hasil polling pelajaran sekolah MBDC!

Tren Mendaki Gunung, Great Travel Destination

Tren Mendaki Gunung, Great Travel Destination

mendaki gunung, traveling, backpacker, gunung, adventure, bloggerdreamteam, blogmint, trip

Los puntos más altos y bajos del mundo #infographic / Drill hole deep, mountain high: The highest & lowest points on earth #infographic

Aseguranzas de casa barato florida · Info grafias internet seguro

Comprar una casa es una de las inversiones más importantes para cualquier familia. Una inversión así debe estar protegida por un seguro de casa. En el caso de Florida (Estados Unidos), esto es prácticamente una necesidad ya que es un estado altamente vulnerable a siniestros naturales propios de su ubicación geográfica. Afortunadamente, en Florida existen ... Read moreAseguranzas de casa barato florida

Mau bangun siang dengan tentram? Agus dan Budi punya tipsnya buat kamu! #BTDTGTTS

10 Cara Bangun Siang

Mau bangun siang dengan tentram? Agus dan Budi punya tipsnya buat kamu! Ayo disimak!