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FNAF - The Purple Guy and the Dead Children by on @DeviantArt

My very first serious FNAF art - although I've changed the purple guy's (whose name is Barney Miles in my AU) appearance a bit. FnAF - Purple Guy and the Dead Children

Bonnie, FNAF 2, night 5 both, golden Freddy, golden Freddy...

Favorite: Golden Freddy FNAF 2 Night record in both games: FNAF 1 night 7 and FNAF 2 night 6 Bonnie FNAF 2 jumpscare Freddy FNAF 1 when he gets in your office before you are out of power

"What I feel, I shouldn't show you, so when you're around I won't; I know I've no right to feel it- but it doesn't mean I don't" -Just Friends by Lang Leav