Matcha Green Bubble Tea

Have you ever tried bubble tea? I have a recipe for a creamy and delicious Matcha Green Tea with tapioca pearls at the bottom! So have you ever had bubble tea? There’s a few local tea lounges in Syrac(Need To Try Bubble Tea)

Nastar Keju Lumer pulen empukkk

Nastar Keju Lumer pulen empukkk

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PINEAPPLE COOKIES / KUE NENAS (Indonesian) ~ pineapple cookies are pretty simple to make. I can probably say that majority of the work is on making the pineapple compote, which is the filling for the cookies. It takes few hours to cook the pineapple jam to the consistency where you can wrap it with the dough. I recommend making the pineapple compote a day before and you can keep it in the refrigerator and used it the next day when you are ready to make the cookies.

Kue Nastar Lumer (Melt-in-the-mouth Pineapple Tarts)


If you haven't yet discovered boba tea expect to do so soon at a teashop near you. This wildly popular sweetened drink began in Asia.