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❥ and sometimes, no, is the perfect answer!

Nah in most cultures means "No". In my culture, it means an assuring "Here, take it from me". Only family and close friends use it with each other. With a change of tone, it could also mean a dismissive "That that, sucker!" to a rude person.


If you had told me a year ago what my life was going to be like a year ago from today, I might have laughed. BUT LIFE IS CRAZY. Some people left my life, some people entered. Yet somehow, because of that, my life is better.

life was so different this time last year. That's for sure!....I have forgotten , just a little...but healed a lot...wooohooo!!!!

Now, i remeber posting this last year, but last year, compared to this year was NOT AS DIFFERENT at all. It was only GG and my immaturness last LAST year. Then around this time last year i started talking to them and HIM. And well, yeah. This year.

Fun facts about your sign here

Once someone put my personal matters out in the open, to me it's no longer private. I will respond back to you and your fellow accomplishers with disrespect for disrespecting our relationship .

Thank you so much ❤ i never felt so happy as I'm with you.. #truly #thankful

Be thankful for the positive influences and the negative. Lessons learned from people.