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Lovin' this versatile undercut pixie! Cut by Sara. #hairbycyan #saloncyan #pixie #undercut

Lovin' this versatile rooty blonde undercut pixie! Colour and cut by Sara.

Love this undercut. If I didn't work for a conservative company I would do this!

Nette Pixie’s, stoere faux hawks, pittige korte kapsels voor ieder wat wils

Silver pixie with undercut

Silver pixie with undercut Emma?

The boy with the demon blood has earned his wings *commences bitter tears of joy*

e1d90c69dc04a981c27c5d72077131b0.jpg 768×1,024 pixels

And again I say, brothers, not lovers. Because this scenario would be eerily similar if it happened with Sam.

Destiel :)

Supernatural - Castiel x Dean Winchester - Destiel

Oh wow so I was going through my Supernatural board and theres a few pictures that em belong in here haha ;)

At last by smallworld-inc on dA

Kneel Dean...Supernatural funny...

-_- Destiel fangirls are dirty. -_- Loving the creepy Godstiel face, though.

genderbent supernatural - Buscar con Google

Supernatural Birthday gift for ~WishUrn : ) Inspired by her "Not anymore" Comic: --- > <--- And my English sucks YATTA! : DDDD --------- I do not own Castiel, Crowley, Sam or Dean.

Castiel: angel of the lord #spn

if they had shown the angels wings more this would be cool!