The talented-photographer one


The hijab is my pride and its raises my confidence to amazing levels.

Selalu Bersama dalam keadaan apapun :)

Most of these drawings simply illustrate brief moments or stories in our lives, but sometimes they try to capture what can’t easily be expressed in words” HJS This was a piece made for HJ-Story & 2 Kickstarter Campaign.

Good Night :)

H-J story, adorable and warming drawings made by a guy who loves his wife; all about the beauty of love and being in a relationship :)

I Always Need you :*

Someone suggested me do an "I Need You" image a long time ago but I didn't have any idea of how to portray it nicely then finally this idea popped in my. I Need You!

miss you {}

Check out the comic HJ-Story :: Whining (Girl ver.

Disaat Cinta menyatukan kita

Love is… Seeing You Smile

kenangan :)

Always in my heart n soul