Stephanus Niwarlangga

Stephanus Niwarlangga

Stephanus Niwarlangga
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How to Get Ink Stains Off Skin

An easy way to take off ink from skin. Your faithful pen now leaks and makes your fingers inky sometimes! Steep a tea bag…. When it's cool enough to handle, wipe it over the ink stain and watch it disappear.

How to Drill Through Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a durable and decorative addition to the home, but it can be difficult to drill into. The attractive glaze is slick and the drill bit will wander the surface trying to catch onto it.

How to Fix Drain Clogging and Clean Drain Odor

How to Fix Drain Clogging and Clean Drain Odor If clogged, dump at least cup baking soda right on drain through the backed up water. Pour straight vinegar, wait until fizzing & foaming stops. Pour hot water to clear.

How to Dry Clothes Faster When Travelling

With this simple trick, get your clothes to dry faster overnight in the hotel. Find the largest and thickest towel available in your hotel room. This towel should be clean (used for showering).