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I did it! I finally mixed two of my favorite femslash ships! I love how they look with the exchanged outfits. This is my first attempt-of-a-comic, so don't kill me >< All these characters do ...

You're All I Ever Think About Apparently by Katantoon on DeviantArt <<< Adorable Korrasami is adorable.

Because Zuko knows honor when he sees it.<----pinning for that comment <----- pinning for the first comment, but also want to say this: most of the others consider themselves her family. They respect and love her, but they're not gonna bow.

Zuko gets it. Notice its only Zuko. Zuko is the only one there who was part of the Gaang and saw what Aang went through as the young Avatar.

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That's what I've been thinking, the kids seem like Sokka too, the two making up that game, that sounded like such a Sokka thing to do. There are a few other personality things that remind me of him too. I'm calling it: Tokka and Zoph.