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an ancient emblem with the words ancient and symbols
Pagan "God Self" Icon Found Worldwide Rewrites History, Reveals Lost Golden Age - Richard Cassaro
an orange and brown rug with geometric designs
Tunic Fragment | Wari | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Wari, Tunic Fragment, Peru, 7th-9th century:
a person sitting on the ground with a stick in their hand and wearing a headdress
Collecting Bromeliads and Orchids in Florida
The Q´ero Inca Shamans in Cuzco, Peru (be still my heart, I have traveled with Peruvian Shamans)
an aerial view of the terraced rice terraces in mu cang cha, vietnam
Travel for All. All for Travel.
The Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru
a stone structure with steps leading up to the door and windows on each side, in front of a blue sky
Ruinas Ingaprica
Ingaprica Ruins, Ecuador |ॐ| Exactly how I picture the basics of Midelian architecture, and the stone of the region would be a chalky white like it as well. I picture them decorated by lots of tapestries and sconces and the like.
the mountains are covered in yellow and orange colored rocks, with a building on top
Puente del Inca, Mendoza, Argentina
Puente del Inca, Mendoza, Argentina
the corner of a building made out of concrete blocks
Inca – Where in the world is Riccardo?
A surviving wall of Qorikancha (the Inca Temple of the Sun in Cuzco, the most important, wealthy and sacred Inca Temple), now within the Church and Convent of Santo Domingo, Cuzco, Peru
an open doorway in the side of a stone structure with no people around it on a sunny day
Turismo Peru - Lugares Turísticos del Peru - Paquetes Turisticos Peru
The rocks of Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Peru.
a bird is sitting on the side of a stone wall
Proper stone fit - Inca architecture
a woman sitting on the ground working on a piece of fabric with two large wooden poles
Inca weaver, Cusco, Peru.
Inca weaver, Cusco, Peru.
an old building built into the side of a mountain with snow capped mountains in the background
Puente del Inca. Ancient ruins near Mendoza, Argentina. Also sulfate waters around it made of sedimented volcanic lava
a man walking next to a llama in front of a stone wall
Have u been to PERU? Cuzco - Yes- Need a good heart and lungs.... Elevation 12,500 (mn: Some say these constructions may have been intended as earthquake-proofing)
many cement blocks with carvings on them
Chan Chan, Peru
Chan Chan ruins, Peru. The largest Pre-Columbian city in South America. Chan Chan was built around AD 850.