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A garden setting with more ethnic style on Japanese tea house Architecture application is thick and spread traditional Japanese atmosphere.

GrassAwayYourGarden: Asian inspired garden window

GrassAwayYourGarden: Asian inspired garden window

Japanese Garden Buildings

Learn about the various Japanese Garden Buildings that are typically found in this ancient gardening style!

I like the look of a cedar hot tub.

Cedar Barrel hot tub - would work sitting on our tree stump with the steps going down the side. Put a locking rolling lid and now you have safety too.

1 Sadouguchi (Host's entrance)  2 Tokobashira (Supporting pilar)  3 Otoshigake (Tokonoma Lintel)  4 Kakejiku (Hanging scroll)  5 Tokogamachi (Tokonoma bottom beam)  6 Temaeza (Tea master's tea mat)

Sizes and styles of Japanese tea ceremony tea rooms, Japanese tea ceremony designs and decoration of tearooms.