Samosir Island, Sumatra, Indonesia -- BEEN THERE

Traditional Batak tribe house, Samosir Island in the middle of lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia ~ Sumatera | Four young Karo Batak women. Northern Sumatra. ca. 1914 - 1919 | ©T. (Tassilo) Adam

Four young Karo Batak women, North Sumatra. Photographed by Tassilo Adam.

Batak Art, Tabo Cottage, Samosir Island, Indonesia -- BEEN THERE

Indonesia -- Day 4 Arrival at Tabo Cottages, Tuk Tuk, Samorsir Island

Toba Batak head with his family in their home, North Sumatra (c. 1900) - Tropenmuseum

A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia - 25 Photos Taken Pre-1920

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