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a quote with an ornate frame in black and white, on the front cover of a book
a poem written in german on old paper with wood grained edges and writing underneath it
a painting with an image of two men sitting at a table and one man standing in front of him
a piece of paper with the words can y met, brommes kie n?
Valentijn Brommers Kieken - Valentijnskaarten | Kaartje2go
a black and white poster with the words, helven is fietsen
a black and white photo with the words warom is n'buk no net net
waarom is m'n buik nou niet zo plat als m'n accent - RUMAG.
a white and red sticker with the words'let knight de jeu wall bet tweantet hain, mer tweenteh
a quote written in green ink on white paper with an ornate border around the edges
a sign hanging from the side of a building that says, their meat flat proaten
De leukste wanddecoratie & muurdecoratie kopen
a poem written in german with an image of a duck on the bottom and words below it
a blue and white square with an inscription on it
a sign that says, dr schreer ottzen get rich deep as'vel
a blue and white frame with the words free hef me kop as ne bolle