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Linen Dress Gown in Black / Custom Long Bridesmaid Dress-Really? Does anyone want to see their bridesmaids in trash bags?


Beautiful Everyday Hijab Tutorial How come I never thought of this before? :P Great for windy days.

Anna Hariri gorgeous

This Anna Hariri abaya is a showstopper for Eid-ul-Adha. The greater Eid will fall in September this year, in sha Allah, and the autumn colors and summer leave are a great combination.

pink lady/women clothing/long coat/high by pandaandshamrock

pink lady/women clothing/long coat/high collar/belt/fit/custom made/wool/autumn/winter

Hijab outfit

The hijabi street style girls present some fall neutral looks for the coming season;

Leather Jacket love

A perfectly fit Leather jacket is One of the pieces that will always make you feel more confident! Opt for a faux-leather one and mix it with a bright flowy skirt - like green!

Hijab fashion

Hijab also known as veil together with head scarf is often worn by way of Muslim ladies. The hijab can’t keep you from growing.” Arabic methods to wear hijab is the ideal choice and additionally quite common.