Blue and White

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blue and white porcelain items on a table
a blue and white tea pot on a stand
Sold at auction Dutch Delft Teapot, Stand, and Warmer Auction Number 2579B Lot Number 335 | Skinner Auctioneers
Dutch Delft Teapot, Stand, and Warmer
a blue and white tureen with the word butter on it's lid sitting on a table
Are You a BLUE & WHITE Collector?
blue and white plates stacked on top of each other
Setting a Mismatched Table
a blue and white tile with rabbits on it
Blue & White Tile Mural with Bunny Rabbit & Birds by Tuzi Williams, copyrighted
an antique blue and white covered dish on a lace tablecloth
Blue & White Transferware Tureen
Aiken House & Gardens: Blue & White Transferware Tureen