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Add resin to fabric to make your own jewelry, buttons, beads, magnets, use the Doming Technique with Little Windows Brilliant Resin

A blog dedicated to resin crafts, resin jewelry, resin pouring, mold making, polyester resin and casting.

“My Childhood” : Illustrations by Sveta Dorosheva #illustration #drawing

study playlists masterlist for college students

Wenn die Augen nur die Seelen statt der Körper sehen würden, wie anders wäre unsere Vortellung von Schönheit.

Dalton M. Ghetti carves figures out of the lead in ordinary pencils!! WOW!! (This link is to his website)

Ha! Awesome!

Ha! Awesome!

sidebar- how to create a whole home color palette

Puzzle Piece Timeline Slide