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College is one of the most transformative and exciting experiences to have. Making friends at college is one of the most effective methods to establish a sense of belonging and maximize your four years. The critical aspect of this is to put oneself out there and initiate contact. Your apprehension is not unique to you. Everyone desires individuals with whom they can connect; you are just going ahead of them. Here are some pointers for developing successful friendships.
I can’t believe summer break is already coming to an end, and fall semester is basically around the corner. It’s incredible how fast time goes by, summer should literally get a speeding ticket. I’m sort of excited to start classes again, which is weird cause I’ll be taking classes super early in the morning (wish me luck). But my mind is still on vacation and I guess yours is too. But don’t worry though, I got you, here are tips for getting back into the school grind and kickass mode.
Once we get to college, there’s a lot of freedom. We get to choose our classes and most importantly, we get to choose whether we go to class or not. There’s no one telling us what to do, like back in high school, and if we decide to skip classes, professors basically don’t care. I’ve skipped class so many times before. Sometimes because I was too lazy or because I wanted to hangout with friends instead. Other times I skipped class to study for another class…


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When the pandemic started, I switched jeans for sweatpants and blouses for hoodies… I basically live in loungewear now. The other day I decided to dress up since we were eating out for the first time in forever. And I realized half of my pants didn’t fit anymore. So, I decided to weigh myself… Turns out I had gained more than 15 pounds. here are a couple changes to make if you are looking for losing weight, while developing a new & healthy lifestyle.
I was hoping everything would be back to normal by now and that I could safely return to New York for school this fall. But it seems that won't happen anytime soon. And social distancing is the new normal, even if it can get boring AF. So, here are some things to do while social distancing to keep boredom at bay.
oh the angles are everything


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Black Friday is literally tomorrow. So, I thought I'd create a list of the deals my favorite brands are having. In this list, I included small businesses, sustainable companies and larger retailers. Happy shopping!
Black Friday is literally tomorrow. So, I thought I'd create a list of the deals my favorite brands are having. In this list, I included small businesses, sustainable companies and larger retailers. Happy shopping!
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This post is obviously for those that are seniors in high school. It is a bucket list including things you should definitely do before graduating! My senior year was definitely amazing; I made the most out of it, but of course there are things I wish I had done differently…. Anyways I want you guys to make the most out of your senior year, so if you have any other fun ideas you'd like me to add, just leave a comment below!
School is about to start and many of you are going to be seniors this year! That’s so exciting! I was a senior in high school a couple years ago, so I know that feeling! Probably some of you are already feeling nostalgic or just want to get it over with. I was BOTH, I was so ready to move on from high school and go into college, but also very nostalgic and scared. So, here are some things I wish I had known before my senior year of high school!
Summer is slowly coming to an end and before you realize, it’ll be the first day of classes already! I don’t know about you but I would get sooo excited for school to start again. Anyways, here are some tips to get you ready for the upcoming school year.

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It’s been a while since I published a blog post about makeup (or about anything really). During the pandemic I stopped wearing makeup, as I’m sure many of us did. I’m still working from home and miss getting ready in the mornings. So, I decided to start wearing makeup once again even if I wasn’t going to leave the house. It 100% helps me feel so much put together and I think I’m even more productive. So, here are my holy grail makeup products! I wear these every day for that natural makeup look.
I had been thinking about purchasing an epilator for a long time, but was always hesitant because of the pain. I’m a chicken and try to avoid pain as much as I can. But,  a couple months ago Braun reached out to me to collaborate on a campaign, since they were launching a new product: Braun Silk-Epil 9 Flex. It was the perfect opportunity for me to try out epilating since I had been thinking about it for the longest time already!
Not long ago, the jade roller trend was ALL over Instagram. And I still see a couple posts here and there talking about how awesome jade rollers can be. So, I was definitely curious and decided to hop on the trend, fashionably late, of course. eDiva sent me their Jade roller and I used it for 1 week to see if it really worked. So, this post is about me telling you my personal experience with it.


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Yay, it's finally summer and my Instagram is already blowing up with beach photos and all kinds of summer posts! Instagram isn't all about the photos, it is about the captions too. But finding the right caption for each picture can be really challenging sometimes. It takes me a while to chose a caption, and then chances are, I'll change my mind right the minute before finally posting the photo.
It’s finally feeling like fall in the city, so I thought I’d celebrate that by posting this! If I find/come up with other captions along the way, I’ll keep updating this post. You should make sure you’re subscribed, so that if I update it, you’ll be automatically notified by email! Anyways, here are 30 fall captions for your Instagram worthy photos! #fallcaptions #fallquotes
It's finally feeling like fall in the city, so I thought I'd celebrate that by posting this! If I find/come up with other captions along the way, I'll keep updating this post. You should make sure you're subscribed, so that if I update it, you'll be automatically notified by email! Anyways, here are 30 fall captions for your Instagram worthy photos! #fallcaptions #fallquotes #autumquotes #instagramcaptionideas


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I have been thinking for a while now to add a “blogging” section on my blog. Yes, this would be a completely new section for me, but one of my friends just started her blog and she has so many questions! Which reminded me of myself when I first started blogging. So, here we go! Please keep in mind I’m in no way a complete expert about blogging, I keep learning new things every single day. But just thought I would share with you what I have learned so far!

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Moving out of your parents home to live independently, is both exciting and terrifying in equal measures. On one hand, you finally have the freedom to live the way you want. But on the other- you’re now responsible for your own bills and dirty laundry. Chances are you’re more than ready for new adventures in this next chapter of your life, but there are some things that are worth bearing in mind. Here’s what you need to be aware of if you’re moving out and living on your own in the near future.

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I just realized Mother’s Day is in a little over a month and started freaking out! Anyways, with this special day being kinda close I decided to go ahead and get started with the gift guides! Now, we all know there is a difference between getting your mom a gift and a good gift. So,  if you’re stuck for inspiration, and have no idea where to start, I got you. Here are a couple Mother’s Day gift ideas. And if your mom is like mine and literally can never be pleased, good luck!
This post was meant to be a last minute gift guide for those that always forget to buy gifts for Christmas. BUT, I was so busy with family I completely forgot to post it! Anyways, here is a list of things for every type of person I found on Amazon. All of them have amazing ratings and reviews and are eligible for prime shipping! Also, don’t forget to check my other gift guides ;).
We all have that friend we can never go to Sephora with, because they would never leave the store. Or that friend who’s always looking glam and buying the last beauty products. These are the perfect beauty gift ideas under $50!

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Well, I don't know about you, but I've seen so many ads on Instagram and Facebook about teatox programs. The one that stood out more to me was SkinnyMint, probably because it was also promoted by Kylie Jenner. Anyways, I've been trying to lose some weight lately, I blame the freshman 15, and I thought I would give the SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox program a try.

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Summer is right around the corner, and that is a good and a bad thing. I’m not one of those girls that is counting down the days until summer. In fact, I actually do not like the summer. It just gets way too hot and I can’t stand sweating. Besides, being on my period during that season is extra annoying… And that is why Summer’s®Eve FreshCycle products are a must and I’ll be using them all summer long!
Okay guys, some of you might know I used to be in a sorority… and honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone else that wears as much glitter as a sorority girl during college! We wore glitter literally everywhere and for everything.  Anyways, I feel like nothing else boosts your makeup or look as much as glitter, whether you are going to an event, a wedding or just dressing up for halloween… But, using it can be kinda tricky, so here are some tips!
One thing you probably don't know about me is that I love fragrances. I'm that kind of person that stays for a long period of time smelling perfumes in the fragrance aisle or that smells candles for so long it starts to look weird…  And these two - People are People and Intimate Silhouette - are my favorite ones this season!


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