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two teddy bears are holding flowers in the grass
two small frames are sitting on top of a table
These are just two cute picture frames that you can easily make with old junk that you would normally throw away! This is a great craft! Don't let your old things go to waste! Make a cute picture frame instead!
a person wearing sunglasses and a red bird mascot at the beach
Even Elmo puts sunscreen on! Kudos to Elmo for protecting his nose from getting sunburnt! There are a lot of ways to stay safe while having fun in the sun. ☀️ Thanks for sharing @sesamestreetincommunities
a drawing of a tiger jumping up into the air with butterflies flying around it on a pink background
an image of fish swimming in the water with a box on it's side
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there are many stuffed animals in the laundry basket on top of the washer machine
two yellow stars sitting on top of a cloud with hearts in the sky above them
there are many stars and teddy bears on this card
#winniethepooh #wallpaper #vintage
a small white dog standing on its hind legs in front of a door with bubbles all over it
“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”: 45 Funny Pics Of Dogs Being Goofy And Weird (New Pics)
Every dog has their own personality, and some of them can be just as weird as some people you probably know. That’s what the /r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog subreddit shares - pictures of dogs