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Wooden carving of a SCAR-L short barrel by UK artist Jenny Edwards. She cannot sell her carvings in the UK because replicas of firearms are illegal there.

Splinter-Sell (a clever pun on the computer game Splinter Cell) is the online Etsy store run by UK artist Jenni Edwards. Jenni builds replica guns from wood, mainly maple and birch. The FN SCAR replica pictured below features a magazine release, adjustable butt-stock, moving cocking lever, and a trigger that drops an internal hammer. The parts are laser cut and assembled by …   Read More …

WATCH: Russia: Manufacturer displays wooden gun building kit for 'fathers and sons'

How to make a wooden toy Winchester rifle

This is as requested a DIY on, how to make a wooden toy Winchester rifle with a functioning lever action. NOTE: The lever is designed a bit different, than the real ting, for stability reason.