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Fucking hell Shawn. Why do you want to Kill me so bad???

Shawnyyy omggg one of my friends was like going through her insta and she found this, and I was like 'omg that's shawn' and she was like 'wtffff how do u know' and I was like 'duh I'm da number one fan of course I would know' ❤️

{Shawn Mendes} [doctor] Hello, lovelies. I'm Shawn Mendes. I'm 19. I am extremely friendly and I love kids..*giggles* I love to go horseback riding as well as sing and play guitar. I love to play guitar for my patients to help soothe them.. I am currently single and looking for my special Princess. Please introduce yourselves..*smiles*

Imagine you are playing your sports( idk if you play match sports) and you and your team win( or only you if you don't play team sports) and Shawn is in the crowd there like: THAT'S MY GIRL! clapping and cheering for you💕